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Our Services

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Business Consulting Services

We utilize our 30+ years of Technical and Commercial Management Experience to assist companies to achieve their business goals and expectations

We specialize in areas of Strategy, Leadership, Governance, Risk, and Project Execution.

We have extensive experience preparing Business Plans, Marketing Plans, and Financial Models. We assist investors with Company Mobilization and Capitalization, Site Selection, and Project Execution. We help leadership teams with Executive Mentoring, Cross Cultural issues, and Leadership Best Practices.

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Executive Interim Management

We can provide Interim Leadership Support to companies who have lost key management personnel. We also provide Interim Leadership Support to assist companies facing short term excess leadership workload.

We have extensive experience providing mentoring support to existing leadership teams to improve their overall leadership performance and confidence.

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Government / Professional Relations and Advocacy

We can assist companies and organizations to engage with key Government Offices and Ministries, Independent Organizations, and other influential persons and organizations to promote beneficial relationships and to advocate for responsible policies or regulations favorable to client business interests.
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Representation Services

We utilize our extensive technical and financial experience to select exceptional technical products and services, and we deliver these technical solutions to customers to meet their performance, quality, safety, and financial expectations.
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Leadership and Safety Culture for Operational Excellence

Our associate Grant Kelly facilitates the design and implementation of interdependent Safety Cultures within organizations, and he guides and coaches teams in the essential Leadership skills to achieve “Operational Excellence”. Operational Excellence can be defined as having a productive and profitable operation which is performed safely and efficiently.

We have found that teams will:

  • Care more for their jobs and their responsibilities
  • Become more loyal to their leaders and their company
  • Feel a stronger sense of ownership
  • Become more interdependent as they look out for each other
  • Be safer and more productive

Companies will have:

  • A more loyal and motivated team who takes pride in their work
  • Greater employee retention
  • A safer workplace with reduced incident rates
  • Higher productivity

We also guide teams and leaders in the most effective development and delivery of:

  • Job Safety Analyses and Risk Assessments
  • Toolbox Talks
  • Positive Safety Interventions
  • Stop the Job philosophy for unsafe tasks
  • Incident Investigations
  • Effective and engaging safety meetings